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Living room corner makeover

*Versão em português após a versão em inglês For a while now we had a corner at home that needed a change. We used to have a Japanese inspired lamp from Ikea at this space, but it wasn’t really matching anything and gathering dust as crazy… We kept it there because we still love it […]

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Wall of pictures: advertising posters is art!

  ENG: For those who are fans of images, there is no better friend than the pictures and frames! In the decoration, I like to mix photos, paintings, sculptures on the wall and why not advertising posters? Yes pub posters! They are really cool, cheap and creative. There are a lot of different types of […]

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Flower power!

ENG : I believe that a space is pleasant when there are signs of life. Sometimes we are in a magnificent ambient that is completely cold, like being in a furniture store or a catalog: it’s beautiful, but it’s weird to live in for a long time. There are several ways to bring a personal and […]

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