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When in the amusement park…

When Luna Park is in town, you can see your Instagram timeline and your Instastories flooded with photos and videos. There’s this “special thing” around amusement parks and warmer days… For me is a timeless place, where trends really don’t matter and people are all there to feel the rush and the thrill of the young. […]

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Frozen Margarita – Shortcut recipe

Spring is here, temperature’s rising and it’s the perfect time for frozen margaritas! Who am I kidding here? There’s no such time as a perfect time for frozen margaritas as every day! I mean, that’s how I feel about frozen margaritas. I’m a beer guy but this is a drink I feel like have all […]

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Total jeans & statement necklace

Springtime is around us (rain and cold weather too!!) and the garden starts to be colorful, full of lovely flowers. It makes us want to use more relaxed clothes. As I received two gorgeous necklaces to try on from Les Toiles Studio (thank you so much guys, I love it!), I choose to put it […]

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Being original and mixing prints

Being different and original is a quest or a lifestyle for a lot of people… If you are a blogger, for example, you kind have the interest to try your best to be different but most of all to be yourself. It is a trick exercise, especially, if like me, you love trends. I’m always […]

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