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Blogging tips: How to start a blog?

*Versão em português logo após a versão em inglês  These are tricky times to start a blog one may say. It’s really a saturated market right now, especially in fashion, but blogging is here to stay – and it’s really connected to this generation and the way we perceive things. We want to get heard […]

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90’s blue – Tips for a weekend in Lyon

*Versão em português logo após a versão em inglês  Recently I was engaged for a one-month project and I had no life for quite a while as I was working crazy hours and also on Saturdays… The perks of being independent free-lance – or you have too much to deal or too much time in […]

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Building a Minimalist Wardrobe

*Versão em português após a versão em inglês Minimalist looks are soberer. Still, you can definitely make a statement with your solid colors and clean lines. It all depends on how you combine it. Every time I choose a piece, it’s because I really want it to be part of my wardrobe. I need to […]

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Living room corner makeover

*Versão em português após a versão em inglês For a while now we had a corner at home that needed a change. We used to have a Japanese inspired lamp from Ikea at this space, but it wasn’t really matching anything and gathering dust as crazy… We kept it there because we still love it […]

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A Pop Art inspired look

*Versão em português após a versão em inglês It’s no secret I love colors, but it’s true that living in Switzerland has made me turn down a bit as people tend to dress very monochromatic here and it’s not every day that we want to bring lots of attention to ourselves… However, it’s my passion so […]

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