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Basic pieces: White Shirt

What’s more basic than a white shirt? Maybe jeans… But the point is you gotta have one – or maybe some white shirts in your wardrobe – I would say. Is the go to piece when you wanna look chic and ready for many occasions. What is going to change everything is the way you […]

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London: travel diary

Hey guys, how is 2017 so far? We are ready to kick out the activities in the blog, and we gotta say it’s going to be year full of surprises… Hope you enjoy! Is the second time I spent New Year’s Eve in London. I love the city and over there the spirit of celebration […]

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Who’s Miranda?

ENG: Everybody asks us who’s Miranda, if she’s nice, or where is our blog’s title from/what’s it about ? So, we tell that and much more in this interview we gave for the blog Les Toiles Concept Store. This special day we had a blast shooting with Jagoda Wisniewska© in this beautiful park in Lausanne […]

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Warm up with some color! Night time in Lausanne.

  ENG: Hi guys!! Recently we had a photo-shoot with some bloggers for a new editorial coming next, but they had a last minute problem and we turned that moment into a night fun time photo-shoot! Thanks to the amazing Alejandra© that collaborates with us we had this cool moment and finally the chance to […]

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