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DIY: Peacock jacket

You’ve probably been through this situation where you are watching TV or scrolling the internet and then you see a piece of clothing you love a you get a bit obsessed trying to find it or something similar. So that was my case recently. Watching the British TV show Tattoo Fixers, I saw this peacock […]

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DIY, Style

DIY – Customised earrings with fabric

At sales time we become crazy and all we want is just… ALL! However, we also like to look original and escape from all the same pieces. So, I propose here an easy DIY to give a spin on your bijoux. I saw a gorgeous picture of a superb earring and it inspired me to […]

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Patch shirt or fake embroidered – DIY the trend

You must have seen everywhere in many collection that patches and embroidered shirts or trousers are everywhere right now, it’s a while actually but it’s still on and it seems like it’s gonna stay for a while. So, inspired by that but not really excited by what I found in some stores and with the […]

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