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Fancy Avocado Toast

I love avocado toast, yes it is super trendy right now and it’s almost annoying, cause it is everywhere, but it is so good. It’s a perfect day starter when you are home and the weather is letting you down, this is an instant smile like I normally say it’s like a caress in your […]

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Frozen Margarita – Shortcut recipe

Spring is here, temperature’s rising and it’s the perfect time for frozen margaritas! Who am I kidding here? There’s no such time as a perfect time for frozen margaritas as every day! I mean, that’s how I feel about frozen margaritas. I’m a beer guy but this is a drink I feel like have all […]

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Pancakes for breakfast

Pancakes for breakfast or for anytime really… If you are like me you like to have breakfast for lunch or even dinner, why not?! It’s the definition of comfort for me. So for quite some time, I’ve been trying to find my pancake recipe and recently I found it! I tried a lot and this […]

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