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Cool Xmas Presents Ideas Up To $50!

The holiday season is just around the corner. Either you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah or better yet: Chrismukkah, we got you! Some people are big fans of this season and they wait all year for it. It means family, comfort food and most importantly, gifts (just kidding or are we?)! But, for others, sometimes it’s not […]

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Blogging tips: How to start a blog?

*Versão em português logo após a versão em inglês  These are tricky times to start a blog one may say. It’s really a saturated market right now, especially in fashion, but blogging is here to stay – and it’s really connected to this generation and the way we perceive things. We want to get heard […]

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Living room corner makeover

*Versão em português após a versão em inglês For a while now we had a corner at home that needed a change. We used to have a Japanese inspired lamp from Ikea at this space, but it wasn’t really matching anything and gathering dust as crazy… We kept it there because we still love it […]

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