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Monthly Reading: The best fashion news of February 2018

Versão em inglês e português! “The library is open” and your monthly reading is here! A recap of our favorite articles from around the web in February 2018. Your dose of fashion and lifestyle, Miranda says yeah! // Nossos artigos preferidos da web no mês de novembro. Pra você ficar por dentro do queestá rolando no mundo da moda e estilo vida – Miranda says yeah! From streetwear to suits, from logos […]

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Tested: Jaybird – The earphone For Sports

As a music lover earphones and headphones are part of my life. In those busy days, it’s nice to be in our own bubble and relax listening to something we love. I have been crazy to test these Jaybird earphones since I got them at the end of 2017 but the weather in Switzerland was […]

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Winter Beauty for men – my current favorites

*Versão em português após a versão em inglês Beauty care is always important, but it’s true that very often guys tend to be lighter about it then women, of course, I’m not generalizing there are guys out there crazy about beauty and I find it amazing. I’m in the middle, I care and like to, […]

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Back at it: My first month in Montreal

 I’m back bitchessss!!! After a must needed a creative break and also a personal one to organize new life in Montreal, I’m happily back to the blog and soon you’ll hear from our collaborators too, life in January is not easy at all, to say the least. In a couple of days, it will be […]

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Cool Xmas Presents Ideas Up To $50!

The holiday season is just around the corner. Either you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah or better yet: Chrismukkah, we got you! Some people are big fans of this season and they wait all year for it. It means family, comfort food and most importantly, gifts (just kidding or are we?)! But, for others, sometimes it’s not […]

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