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Your weekend reading is here! A recap of our favourite articles from around the web. Your dose of fashion and lifestyle, Miranda says yeah!

Leitura do FDS: de 25 à 31 de Agosto 2017 – Nossos artigos preferidos da web. Pra você ficar por dentro do que está rolando no mundo da moda e estilo vida – Miranda says yeah!


Is it too early to plan Halloween? Inspire yourself with these Disney Halloween desserts. //

Fantasia de Halloween alguém? Sobremesas inspiradas em personagens de Halloween da disney!


landscape-1498728030-iphone8Hi iPhone 8!  //Oi iPhone 8!

A day in the life of Martha Stewart– Hint: she feeds 30 red-factor canaries every morning and then, the busy schedule gets on. //

Quer conhecer a rotina da Martha Stewart? – Ela começa o dia alimentando 30 canários…


Karl Lagerfeld is teaming with Vans
, yes, Vans to a collaboration launching next month. Are you curious? Here’s a sneak peek! //

Quando Vans e Karl Lagarfeld se unem!!

Current bag obsession!!  //

Querendo essa bolsa em 1,2…

Hashtags just celebrated its 10th year anniversary. Feeling old? We do, too! //

10 anos de Hashtags, tamô velho galera!


São Paulo Fashion week what’s going on over there? //

SPFW – o que tá rolando até agora? Visuais aqui!



NYFW Spring 2018 is coming to our Instagram feeds really soon! Fashion Week as we know it is changing. Is it for the best? We’ll have to wait for the outcomes. For now, check all the designers that will be showing their spring collection in the Big Apple!

New York fashion week chegando e os looks vão bombar no Instagram logo menos, por enquanto vamos ver o que vai rolar por lá!

One of our most accessed posts has now a part 2! //

Um dos nossos posts mais acessados tem uma continuação!

New Friday banger! /Novo hino da sexta!!!


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