Do you really need a six-figure salary in order to buy those shoes that you fell in love with? Definitely not. Your fashion dreams can become real, without excelling your credit card.

qga0572npa200_1aIt’s only a matter of knowing where to search and a little bit of luck. Being at the right place at the right time. Or more like choosing the right website for the right item. I don’t buy something because it’s designer and it’s not (that) expensive. I really like to fall in love with what I buy. I can fall in love with a high-end designer bag as I can fall for a hat from the beach. When it comes to fashion (or anything), there’s no discrimination.

Anyways, if you really really want to own a Gucci bag because it’s oh, so trendy right now, keep reading because I have all the tricks to help you in this fashionista adventure.

Brands don’t really do sales SALES… which sucks. But, well, lucky for us, there are so many retail stores. And, these, believe me, have amazing discounts (up to 90% !).

1788-7373.001.zoom.aCentury 21 is a great store to buy designer pieces (on a budget). Ok, you might not get the glamour from the real store and it is true you’ll have to look for your own items. Ugh, so annoying. Can I outsource it to someone? It’s 2017, you guys. If you are not in New York or don’t feel like moving from your couch, you can always do one of the best things in the world aka online shopping. Seriously, is there anything better than arriving home and getting those dresses you dreamt on for weeks? The only thing better might be seeing your food coming to your table when you’re really hungry. Coming back to designer pieces, Century 21 has a lot (with an emphasis here) designer pieces at affordable prices. Online and at the store. Although, I would recommend online. The store can be too much. I lose my patience very fast. So, online shopping is my go-to option.  And they ship worldwide! That’s not even the best part though. They have a year round sale. Keep your eyes open because you may find your dream jacket at a reasonable price really soon!

My all-time favorite is Net-à-Porter. The selection is super nice. You can really see that each piece is carefully chosen. Normally, the prices are quite similar to the ones from the brand directly. However, when it’s sale time, it’s real! During the summer sale, there were items up to 70%. Gianvito Rossi, here I come!


Vestiaire Collective is an online retailer shop for resale luxury pieces. It’s not brand new but the pieces are in really good conditions. On the plus side, you’re buying vintage. You can be almost certain that no one is going to have the same item you do. They’re huge in Europe. Something really convenient about it is that if you don’t want to spend all your rent money at once, you can always pay in installments. Here’s a little incentivisation for you!

What Comes Around Goes Around (don’t kill me) but again this is a vintage store from New York City. They sell mostly bags. You can find there all the bags from women who have the closet of your dreams but not enough space to store. Such a real problem, you guys. Still, I feel you. And there are options in Europe in cities like Milan, Paris & London @Bruno already found some Versace shirts, Acne Studios sweats and some more – with a really affordable price…

When living in Europe, it’s impossible not to order something from Zalando. I’m pretty sure I see at least a person every day with a box from there. Even though there are mainly huge brands such as Topshop, there’s a luxury section where you can find some pretty cool pieces on sale. The great thing is that if you don’t like, you can always return it for free. Also, you can pay after receiving the order. Cool, right?


If you fancy a really nice Hermès bag or Chanel, The RealReal is the place to buy it. You can also buy and sell luxury goods from top designers, jewelry, fine art and home decoration.

You can be certain these will not be fake. The shopping/consignment experience is really enjoyable. Founded four years ago, they have partnerships with more than one retail store just as Saks Fifth Avenue. These embrace The RealReal because a customer is more likely to buy something if they know they can resell it with time. Too many Birkins?  Don’t worry, The RealReal can help you there.

All of these stores have sales. You just need to look for it and sooner or later, you will nail it. Living in Switzerland, prices can be more expensive than somewhere else. So, I would advise to contain yourself from buying here and order online or just wait until you go to your next trip. Also, don’t turn your back on thrift-shopping, markets, and local designers. It’s all about finding a balance.



Text: Mora Klimberg



Net A Porter, Century 21 , What goes around comes around , The RealReal , Rakuten

Daily Mail & Getty Images


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  1. If money were no object I could have all the clothes I want. Actually, we don’t have to wear every trend head to toe. This post is really great that can help me save some money.


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