July is over and August in Europe is a bit odd, it looks like the continent is on collective vacations and we ask ourselves where’s everybody? If you are not traveling you may feel a bit lonely and left out, but fear not! Nothing like a good list to inspire us and to remind that soon everything is back to normal so we better savor every bit!

As I didn’t travel in July and don’t think I will in August (somebody has to work), I enjoyed the calm and spoiled myself with some simple pleasures and also shopping after all, who says July, says also sales… However, this is not about shopping only, it is a list of things I really enjoyed in July, wearing, drinking, eating, watching – hope it gives you some inspiration or something to do on your free time, and so on…

Here we go, our July favorites:


Cobain shades, 90’s is still coming back and we love it!


Cockheart tee – Found out this brand recently in this cute store in Lausanne. The brand is dedicated to the empowerment of the LGBTQI+ people. Fell in love with this millennial pink model and many others…



Nespresso Iced Coffee Edition – Not being sponsored here… I love to brew and roast my coffee but Nespresso is great for daily-basis when you are in a hurry. They came up with the iced edition, and it’s actually really nice, besides the super cute capsule. I love some cold brew anytime of the year and with this hot wave, even more. I’m having with rice milk these days, and it’s quite good too.




The Incredible Jessica James on Netflix – Saw it by accident, and I loved it!! Wish it was a series to keep on watching. It’s super light and fun but deep at the same. Good to pass the time.


Shoe-lace as a belt – Crazy about this trend, I mean it gives such an effortless touch. Already adopted.


Open-air cinema – I mean we have the chance to live in a beautiful country and city. The Allianz Open-Air was just amazing!


Moscow Mule Drink or Frozen Margaritas – Just a way to bring summer vacations to you when you are not traveling.

wwms margarita frozen recipe 22

This movie trailer– Can’t wait to watch this movie and to read the book! Need to remind me to go after it.

Riverdale Marathon on Netflix – We love some teen-drama, and Riverdale was a nice discovery to pass the time. Especially, if like me, you are orphan from “Pretty Little Liars“! Worth a try. We watched in 2 days the whole season.

Dua Lipa’s Video – Can’t stop with this song. And it’s finally into UK’s top ten!

This tote bag from Flying Tiger – I mean, what’s not to like about mermaids and this male one is so cute!


Finally, the new song from Urban Cone – My ultimate favorite band for the last couple of years… Love their albums, visuals, videos and this song is so summer. On repeat!


Hope you like it! Let us know by comment or email!

See ya,



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An insomniac guy sharing his adventures in life & in fashion. Currently based in Canada & Switzerland.

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