Are we too old for this “back at school” fever? We may automatically think yes, especially if you take a look around the web, most of this editorials are a list of articles that remind your teenage years… But are we too old for this sh*t?

My final answer would be no. I mean, first of all, there’s no age limit to go back to school, to start a course, to learn, to enter college. The age limit concept itself is very narrow and limited…

Besides that, quite philosophical theory, let’s be honest, it’s always nice to begin a new semester, a new project or really anything with a bunch of flamboyant new things. I mean, one may say this is a very capitalist way of thinking, but one of the great things of “shopping therapy” is to spoil yourself when something good happens, or when something new is about to start, it just brings that awesome feeling, that will to start something and to be the best that you can… And what’s wrong with it? For me, that’s back to school, spoil yourself a bit with some cool inspiring material things so you feel motivated and boosted, you give wings to your creativity.

And our collaborator Mora, AKA new Emily, is really going back to school this semester, as she is starting college in Switzerland after a one-year gap. She’s freaking out about the perfect bag for college! But crazy excited about the hush of buying new things to carry on all through this semester and be ready for it!

So let it be! Here’s a few things that would light up a new semester, some wishes, some inspiring or just cool things, let’s list them, ‘cause nothing beats a good list, and that’s a key thing for a good semester – make lists… Of things you want to do, buy, organize, it will really help you going through life easier, focusing on what really matters for you.


  • These amazing notebooks, don’t you wanna just write away?
  1. Flag note book And these other ones here
  2. Tropical notes


  • These incredible stationery products, I mean, look at these paper clips and what about this lobster page marker, pure bliss!

3. Sardine paper clips

4. Golden paper tray

5. Lobster page marker


  • And, of course, it’s always time for a new bag, and these ones are just so cool!

6. Calvin Klein backpack 

7. Minimal in beige

8. Danish Green Dream

9. Pop art Heart!

10. This Boho babe


That’s all.


Text: Bruno & Mora

Photos: From the linked stores

















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An insomniac guy sharing his adventures in life & in fashion. Currently based in Canada & Switzerland.

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