WWMS-July2017_85Hello Guys,

It’s been some crazy weeks, the weather has been changing a lot in July and I am hoping for a more stable August.

This month I was basically on vacation, as I am changing jobs, I’ll be starting my new this week, and I am excited and anxious, but it’s always nice to start new things, especially in a new semester. These last weeks I’ve been enjoying free time, catching up on cooking and organizing but also practicing scooter with my babe, and soon I’ll taking my moto license. The work is not ready for this, maybe neither am I!

Blog-wise we are also taking new directions, as you’ve probably seen our Weekly Recap last Friday – we are happy with all the clicks and emails we’ve received, and our new editorial collaborator. Some other new things will come soon, and it’s going to be A-MA-ZING!

Right now I wanna talk about this look I was using a couple of weeks ago when we had the chance to do this amazing shoot at the Cinema of Pully. I must say that I love going to the movies, but since I moved to Switzerland I go less often than I would like.

WWMS-July2017_131For this occasion, I thought about a sport-chic look with a summer vibe. When it’s hot outside it’s sometimes hard to know what to wear, as all we want is to wear light and little! However, some situations call for something more… Like going to the movies, dinner, drink with friends or some gathers…

So, I came up with this look that I believe it keeps the casual as summer like, but cool and chic as we love! My tip for look like this is to combine styles… A more casual piece with a fancy one, a really trendy one with a classic and there you go.

This day, I chose this white short overall, and to break this lace t-shirt in black and glam accessories. Another nice touch is the oversized (AKA male) jacket in white and blue, very navy and classic. It’s nice option to elevate more the look and to use when the night falls and the wind blows a little. Heels close the deal, just because…

The rest is history and movies, and the question is do you like to watch a movie with or without popcorn?





Get the look!

Overall: Jinglers (similar here & here)

Lace Shirt: Dorothy Perkings  (similar here & here)

Oversized Jacket: Zara (similar here & here)

Printed clutch – Personal Archive (similar here – In love with it BTW!!!)

Accessories – Personal Archive

Shoes: Personal Archive

Photos: Jagoda Wisniewska

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An insomniac guy sharing his adventures in life & in fashion. Currently based in Canada & Switzerland.

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