Your weekend reading is here! A recap of our favorite articles from around the web. Your dose of fashion and lifestyle, Miranda says yeah!hbz-gucci-in-bloom-04-1500317946


A Gucci Garden (naturally) Blooms in the middle of Times Square!

We are still not over Céline Dion modeling video!


This new movie has already collected some prizes; its trailer is here. 

It was Jennifer Lopez Birthday, and oh my, we don’t think she’s getting old anytime soon…


Jimmy Choo was bought by Michael Kors, is it good or bad news? Not sure yet…

What happens when a designer, a rapper, a celebrity and a tech brand meet? The coolest collaboration ever, duh! Check the new amazing Beats, designed by Olivier Rousteing, Dr. Dre and promoted by Kylie Jenner.


Your favorite 90’s accessory is making a huge comeback and we’re kinda into it. Check 8 cool ways to wear a fanny pack for your next date!

Dirty Sixties! Who says you have to be young to be sexy and fabulous? Check these celebs that are not afraid to show some skin! We are loving it!

When you realize your mom is a Popstar while playing with her doll!

How is the perfect croissant for you? We may do this test too, just because…




Ever wonder how is Zara factory inside? Take this tour with us…



Amazed by this fashion campaign, really creative and well made.


When you’re busy thinking about boys, or the perfect use of millennial pink on a video



Have some free time or are you bored on your desk? Take some time for a test!

We are still in love with our YouTube trailer!! Have you seen it? 



Photos: from the referred articles

*except for the cover

News and text by Mora Klimberg & Bruno.


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