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I love pajamas and I’m totally in for this trend, they are cool, stylish, light and give a really nice extra touch when layered or paired with daily garments. But like Julliana said on the last post, at home my pajama is old tank tops and large undies… All I want when going to bed is to be comfy. And that’s what pajamas bring to our style, this comfy vibe and feel whilst taking it to the next level!

Pajamas/pyjamas are one of the hottest trends for guys (& girls) – take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspo –, and was consistent in many collections for fall/winter 2018 with satin shirts with patterns, robes, and scarf patterns in noble tissues.

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I found this pajama/pyjama at H&M by the end of last season, during sales, for a very reasonable price and couldn’t let them go. But on my mind, it was clear to use them on the street during summer. No way I’m sleeping on this! Moreover, the combo reminded me these really trendy short overalls for guys and I love it – and really want to buy one. I felt so good with this outfit that I stuck with it the rest of day of this shoot and I felt comfy, fresh, stylish and modern.

What you think about? Would you wear a pajama on the street?

Nightie, nightie!


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Pajamas set: H&M (similar)

Sneakers: Nike

Bamboo Sunnies: Zero UV

Socks: H&M

Panda Tote Bag: Flying Tiger

That’s all.

Pics: Jagoda Wisniewska

Posted by:what would Miranda say?

An insomniac guy sharing his adventures in life & in fashion. Currently based in Canada & Switzerland.

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