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Let us be clear, I am a paper junk lover and I like to have bloc-notes everywhere in my house. The kitchen is one of my favorite areas to think, create and of course organize! Therefore, I decided to create a memo/notes board to always have a piece of paper around me, but also to organize little things I normally have in the kitchen (keys, pencils, food list, recipes, important info etc.).

To create a board, we can use many different bases (thick paper, wood, cork, Styrofoam or anything else if you know that it will be quite stable). Before starting your project, it is better to think about what you like to store on it (keys/clothes holder, pots, bloc-notes etc.). Why? Because of the weight and the structure. Imagine if you want to put a jar with a plant in it, you cannot use a paper or a Styrofoam base, for instance. You need something that can be thick enough and hard enough to sustain it. This is the reason I chose a wood base, for example. So a fast checklist:

– A square wood for the base

– Some funny, colorful holders

– A trio of a plant jars in a metal (from Ikea)

– Glue (in my case I used the powder one that I can mix with water to give the consistency I desire)

– Different silk papers (you can also use paint or other types of paper or even a nice tissue)

– Tools: hammer/screwdriver/studs/ruler/screws/hooks/scissors

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To start I cut my colorful papers in squares then I applied the glue all over the wood base and cover it with a navy blue silk paper. After it dried, I glued all the squares in a random way because I wanted something “messy”. Option: you can also create a nice edge and this the best moment to do it. Think about the finishing on the back. You can cover with a paper, there are many options…


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Then, it comes the cool part: to put all the accessories like holders, pots and everything you need.

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This a board to help you on daily basis. In my case, I glued the note holders and fixed the key holder and the metallic jars with screws. Do not forget to put a small hook that will help you to hold it on the wall, but for this, you have many ways to do it. Options: rope and stud, or screw the board straight into the wall making, holes through it. You can also place it on a shelf. If you need, you can do a fast research on the web to choose the best way to do it.


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When all the accessories and holders are on it, you just need to fix it on the wall (measure the holes and use a level ruler to do it properly) and decorate with colorful post-it notes (or not!) pens… Whatever you wish. Now you have a place to put lot’s of stuff and organize your day! Did you like it? Any doubts? Let Miranda know.

Xx, Julli.

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