Going to London feels somehow like home… I feel so good in the city and although it still has a lot to discover and visit, I like to keep simple and do as local as possible. I often stay in the same neighborhoods and, I separate some time to visit places that I liked. I like to linger on coffee shops, to watch people, to take the bus and the tube, to come back to that same bar and try to find that table from the other day. But, of course, it’s London baby, there’s alway a list of things to see, exhibitions to catch on, stores to be inspired and to spoil ourselves and so on…

Style-wise, London inspires me to be bold! I like to let my inner rocker come out and let “him” lead the way. I think this free spirit and the individuality of the Londoners make you feel like this, free to be a bolder version of you.

So come with me and get my #londonlook (s)

wwms london milan style 80

It was quite hot during our visit to Bricklane and Shoreditch, so I kept simple with my vintage and a large shirt, some large shorts cut out from an old pair of jeans and my vans special edition collab with Marni (for Zalando).

wwms london milan style 74wwms london milan style 81

I always feel really inspired and amazed by all the graffiti in this area…

wwms london milan style 84wwms london milan style 85wwms london milan style 87

Try the Soft Service at the Box mall in Shoreditch, very instagramable and so yummy!

wwms london milan style 89UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_18d1wwms london milan style 91wwms london milan style 954lg7WtVETma2ECfgXmB6Ow_thumb_18e0wwms london milan style 96wwms london milan style 100

Block was another great discovery, a really nice place with a cool vibe and a killer burrito! UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_18d6


wwms london milan style 99

wwms london milan style 103

London without rain is not London… Perfect opportunity to use a hat and get your look to another level. This day I was using shorts, a striped tank top, my vans and this long shirt from FRAV an Italian brand that I adore.


Museums in London are just amazing, even if you are not a fan you should try, you may end up really surprised. Just read the websites before, you may need to book it.

For this day I was wearing a tank top with a flower shirt, and some blue chinos. To make it cooler, rings & bracelets, sunnies and a classic Nike SB. It was a bit windy, so I completed with a jeans jacket as I love layers.

wwms london milan style 122wwms london milan style 126wwms london milan style 127wwms london milan style 128wwms london milan style 134wwms london milan style 136wwms london milan style 141wwms london milan style 131UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1902UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_190a

A jeans jacket is a very nice option when traveling, as it is versatile, easy to carry, to use and just a basic piece that may help you a lot. My tip is to buy it a bit oversized so you will feel comfortable and it will allow you to layer on.



Peggy Porchen was another great discovery, very close to Victoria. It’s a very charming coffee place with irresistibly beautiful cakes. Try the banoffee cupcake, a dream on a plate!  Can’t wait to come back there.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1910UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_190b

My final look was a vintage t-shirt from the vintage corner of Topman. I just fell in love with it and I kept my jeans jacket to keep the rocker vibe.


Photos: Canon D 77 and iPhone 7

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