What is your summer beauty routine? When it’s really hot and you are melting away, under the sun, taking many baths or always swimming somewhere… You can see and feel the damage! Hair gets dry, skin gets sensible and so on… It’s important to take some time to take care of yourself and also to try some products that can give you that summer look!

Last year we discovered the TonyMolly banana hand cream and went bananas with its cute packaging and smell, but it has also to be good right? And it is.


We really loved its protection and the way it hydrates without leaving you oily. It was our first contact with Korean Cosmetics. When Sephora arrived in Lausanne, at Manor, we were really happy to discover the “Korean Beauty corner” with brands like TonyMolly and also Too Cool For School. They are so appealing but also so nice and the prices are not bad given that they are great. The range is big and we totally indicate many of them at least to try on and be enchanted by their perfume, it’s like summer all year long!


Nevertheless, they are a great option for summer. Deep hydration cream such as the Egg Mellow Cream and the mascaras are both really good for summer and for winter. We’ve tested the Egg Mellow Cream (kindly sent to us by Sephora) our skin was quite dry and by applying it twice a day it was clear the improvement of the dry areas and also the action on some light wrinkles. We totally approved and although it seems really oily, the final effect is not so, it is appropriate for many skin types.


We also tested some mascaras, cleansing (a bit too oily in our opinion, but really good for makeup removing – says Julliana) and the lip balm and they are also really good. The mascaras are a bit tricky to apply and to rest with them for a long time but they really hydrate and refresh the skin. The lip balm, besides the amazing packaging and smell, has a light rose shine and improve quickly the damaged lip – approved for girls and guys – but then with a lighter layer. We really encourage you to go Korean this summer and winter too, we believe you won’t regret it, but then again, skin types and expectations are varied, so let us know what you think about them.


Other nice products out of the Korean department would be the salt spray, really well known (we believe) and available in many formats from many brands. It’s really nice to give some texture to your hair or to make this wavy beach effect. Really works for our type of hair and is a summer wonder that we like to use through winter too. We tested the Got to be and the Tony & Guy one and both are great.



Other than that, don’t forget your classics… A nice sunscreen, lots of water and liquids, fresh food and ventilated areas. Enjoy summer and try to decompress a bit under the sun, avoid the hottest hour (from 10h to 14h) but let your hair down a bit and let the sun in, it makes wonder to our system and that is the real summer beauty essential!


Bruno & Julli.



Photos:  Jagoda Wisniewska at Pully Plage 

Others by: Bruno de Jesus  with Canon D77

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