Summer has arrived in its full force and boy it’s hot outside… On days like these all we can do is dress light, hydrate ourselves and let’s not forget the sunscreen!

But considering that this super hot wave will pass and summer will be an enjoyable season instead of a chase for shadow, here we are with some idea of looks, colors we are in love with and accessories that might encourage you to dress up, enjoy or inspire.

This photo shoot at the Piscine de Pully is one of our favorites and for this event, we went full on two trend colors… Millennial pink and Greenery. Millennial pink is everywhere and derived in many clothes, and it is this light pink I would say baby pink, but it’s a bit different. But all pink tones are very much trendy these days, and it gives a very nice touch bringing some color and modernity to a simple ensemble. If you are not confident about it, try little touches of pink here and there… It may be a hat, a tank top, a bandana or a classic plaid shirt.

For this look, I combined a tank top in millennial pink, with double jeans and the Tommy Hilfiger white and red sneakers that I fell in love when I saw. The look is really practical for a normal hot day, comfortable for many situations and has this festival edge that really goes with the season. To make it edgier don’t be afraid to use socks I chose this white with stripes very 90’s!





Another color that was all over the collections was green… As Pantone chose greenery as the color for 2017, this maxi dress came in handy! Maxi dress was another trend for summer and it gives an instantly chic look, being at the same time fresh and light. You can spruce up combining it with a vintage blazer or make it very casual with a striped male shirt over. Heels or sneakers and so on…

Another nice thing to play with in summer (actually all seasons) is the accessory! For her look Julliana mixed different bijoux for a fun and yet modern result. Dare to use plastic bracelets with nice formats for a very pop Moschino vibe or put a nice big necklace and it will change all.



Bags can also help. Recently we were contacted by Niphana that sent us some models from Vavoom that they import from Thailand. They are very affordable and really trendy and cute. Many are the options and it’s perfect for the season. We totally recommend it but be aware that they are small and delicate.


If you want some bigger impact we recommend this Ikea bag (SPRIDD), very big one, they had this limited collection in many colors and prints and we loved this pink one. It’s perfect for a day at the beach or by the lake or even for a quick weekend getaway.

If you are still looking for accessories this summer, we totally indicate to you Bombom bijoux – and their beautiful and colorful creations and Les Bijoux de Anne, more delicate and colorful and really modern.


Other “non-essentials” but very fun things to have this summer we would say this pineapple shaped glass, that brings the fun to any drink you’re having. We also love reading some magazines during our chill time, and it’s a nice opportunity to catch up with the world and with fashion and finally an instant camera like Instax Mini from Fuji. This camera is very affordable and it’s good for those that love to take pics. It makes you think more about your compositions as you have to buy film and it gives you 10 shots. And although the quality is not perfect, it has this great retro vibe and natural filter, we love it! And it provides you with a lot of summer souvenirs.

To sum up, it’s summer!! Don’t be afraid to use colors, to be over the top, to put yourself out there, but most importantly have fun and enjoy the sun!

Pics by Jagoda Wisniewska

Thanks to Plage de Pully

Bruno is wearing…

Tank top & plaid shirt – Pull & Bear (similar)

Jeans shorts – Cut from an old pair of jeans

Jeans Jacket – H&M

Sneakers – Tommy Hilfiger

Sunnies – Cerjo

Watch – Cassio

Socks – TopMan (Similar)

Rings – Personal Archive

Bag: Ikea

Julliana is wearing…

Maxi Dress – Antonia (Similar)

Sandals – Morgan

Sunnies – Cerjo

Bracelets – Personal Archive

Belt – Mango

Shirt – Flea Market

Ring – Bombom bijoux

Purse – Niphana

That’s all.




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