We first been to Glampop event for the Spring edition back in May and we had a blast. So, when they invited us for the Summer edition we didn’t have to think twice, as the atmosphere is so nice and the discoveries so great.

Held on the second floor of Vapiano Geneva, Glampop gathers different designers and store owners of the region together and it is a nice opportunity to catch up, to see some new products and trends and also to laugh, shop, meet people and network!

For this edition, some brands were different from the spring one and this was a nice too because then we were able to discover even more. The ones that remained did not let us down, they brought a lot of nice things and it was difficult to not “go crazy” over something.


The music was so good and the ambiance really joyful and relaxed. All the participants have the opportunity to experience a very close care from all the staff and we are also able to get to know better all about the products and brands.

All the guests receive a courtesy drink and also an appetizer, so it’s the perfect event to go to after work. We were happy to be invited by the Glam team to have dinner at Vapiano and they surprised us with a huge gift bag with presents from many of stores that were in the event. We’ve been spoiled.

It was a great moment among many nice people and we also had the opportunity to meet other fellow bloggers and have a laugh! Some of the great discoveries we did at Summerglam popup were:

BR021 – with Brazilians products!!!

Monalisalu – Amazing designs, wanted all

U/C – We love their urban-inspired accessories and clothes

Brapps – All in one accessory, Swiss design and really interesting!

And it was also amazing to discover new products from Bombom Bijoux and Les Bijoux de Anne.

We totally recommend this event in Geneva, if you missed this edition, stay tuned for the next one, it’s a great opportunity to have some original pieces in your wardrobe.


Julli & B.



Julliana’s full look in details:





Photos_Iphone 7

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