I love avocado toast, yes it is super trendy right now and it’s almost annoying, cause it is everywhere, but it is so good. It’s a perfect day starter when you are home and the weather is letting you down, this is an instant smile like I normally say it’s like a caress in your tummy!

So there are endless options for avocado toast and here I share a fancy one with you, the one with poached eggs, but fear not, I’ll share the tricks.

 Ingredients (for 2):

2 Eggs (new ones, the ones sitting for days and day in the fridge will be daunting)

2 Slices of your fav bread (I used a white one, homemade)

1 avocado turned into creamy avocado paste

Half Lemon

Baby Spinach

Bacon or Smoked turkey slices or even some smoked ham

Butter – enough to grill the bread slices

Chili flakes


For the avocado cream: Just smash your avocado with salt, pepper, lemon juice and some garlic powder. If you have it easy, add some fresh parsley or coriander (optional – powder). If you want it really creamy add a spoon of ricotta or yogurt.


For the poached eggs: Seems difficult but actually, it’s not and I’m sharing all the tricks with you. Use fresh eggs (this means ones you bought this week or so, they tend to give better results, old ones in the fridge for weeks will disappear in the water). Use a small frying pan with water only. Once it’s bubbling add one egg (break it in a small pot before), simmer it gently pouring water over the top sometimes. It’s quickly and I prefer to do it one by one.


Put together: Grill your bread slices with butter (I just grill one of the sides if the bread is fresh), put avocado cream, then the salad (baby spinach) and finally the poached egg. A bit of pepper and salt flakes and finally the bacon or whatever you choose as meat.


See ya, B.






Posted by:what would Miranda say?

An insomniac guy sharing his adventures in life & in fashion. Currently based in Canada & Switzerland.

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