This is officially our first summer 2017 editorial. We had this great chance to shoot at Pully Plage with photographer Jagoda Wisniewska and we are going to share through some posts our summer favorites. We won’t say they are essentials, because who’s to say that? You decide what’s essential for you! This will be a curation of products and tips we really liked, used and tested. They worked well for us and may work for you or only inspire you and give ideas, so we hope you’ll enjoy!

Summer is coming and finally, we are having some beautiful days here in Switzerland and most of Europe. We are both sunglasses addicted and it’s fair to say that we are always using a pair because we are quite sensible to luminosity especially these really gray kinda white days…


During summer, sunglasses are not only a fashion choice but are almost mandatory, but yes they really add up to an outfit. Both of us have quite a collection (individually) and we believe that a nice pair of sunglasses doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. You have to check the precedence and if they have the protections you need. Test them to see if you feel comfortable with the shade and the lens and have fun with models and colors.


Vintage, small, giant… The options are endless and the rule is to find the shape that will complete the lines of your face and make you feel good. Normally is good to choose the ones that go until your eyebrow line, normally they will look good like this, but there’s really no rules.


For this summer we received two new models from Cerjo Switzerland. Their new collection, Swiss HD, is really great and modern with bright colors. The ones we received are super light and right on trend, they come in a nice case and have all protections we need. Another great thing is the price. The price range of Cerjo sunnies is really wide and affordable, so you can have a little fun and spoil yourself with a nice pair to enjoy the season. You can have protection, Swiss quality, and great price!!


Otherwise, our tip is to check out flea markets or your family wardrobe, there’s always a pair of sunnies laying around that you could use and be super original spending nothing or just a little. In any way, we highly recommend this Cerjo Collection.


Let us know your favorite model!

Xx, Julli & B.


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