This DIY was a special request from my friend (Mora), after seeing some of my creations at work she asked me to revamp a jacket she didn’t want anymore. Challenge accepted!

For some time now I wanted to spray a piece of clothes and this was the chance. The project was to spray in golden all the back of the jacket to have this surprise effect. Then, she also asked me that she wanted to include her initial, which I decided to do in black.

Overall is easy if you have the spray cans and a place to do it. My advice if you are doing it indoors is to use a big carton box so the damage will be (normally) inside the box. If you are doing outdoors be careful with the wind and anyway try to cover the area.

wwms grafitti jacket 1wwms grafitti jacket 2

Apply in all the area you want and let it dry for at least 24 hours. For the letter, I chose to do it with carton and stick it with tape to paint after. My idea here was to really protect the golden part but it could be easier if you do directly with tape, like this you don’t need to create the letter in the carton you can improvise directly with the tape over the jacket but I would recommend doing many layers to guarantee that you won’t spray all!

Of course that if you are super steady and talented with spray, you can write directly with the spray, but the effect will be different anyway. After this, again you have to wait for 24 hours and it’s done. All the steps are clear on the pics. You better avoid washing too much cause spray tends to wash off easily.


wwms grafitti jacket 9wwms grafitti jacket 10wwms grafitti jacket 11wwms grafitti jacket 12wwms grafitti jacket 4wwms grafitti jacket 5wwms grafitti jacket 6wwms grafitti jacket 8wwms grafitti jacket 13wwms grafitti jacket 14wwms grafitti jacket 16wwms grafitti jacket 17

The result was great with some beginner’s imperfections but I really like it because this makes the piece unique and not like it’s out of the department store. Only thing is that I wanted a really shiny golden, but we had this can laying around and we decide to minimize costs and use it. Otherwise, it looks great and gave a new life to a piece about to be rejected and this is nice.

Let us know if you try.

See ya, B.

wwms grafitti jacket 18wwms grafitti jacket 19

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