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Spring is here, temperature’s rising and it’s the perfect time for frozen margaritas! Who am I kidding here? There’s no such time as a perfect time for frozen margaritas as every day! I mean, that’s how I feel about frozen margaritas. I’m a beer guy but this is a drink I feel like have all day, but I’m not like that and I don’t wanna spoil this beauty with hangover trauma so I enjoy with moderation and I will share our quick and easy recipe for the drink.

That very special day we did a passion fruit & pineapple one but normally we go traditional, so feel free to change a bit your ingredients, have fun and enjoy. We came with this recipe based on a regular frozen margarita recipe but we decided to use fruit sorbet because our freezer is super small and we don’t have tons of ice cube and also in Switzerland, ice cubes are so expensive and not available in every corner. So with this change, we feel that the frozen margarita is even better and you don’t have to add more sugar. Hope you enjoy!

All you need is:

Fruit sorbet (this is the shortcut)
Ice cubes (one tray for 2 margaritas)
A half cup of Tequila (I mean if you want stronger, go for it!)
Half Lime/lemon
Salt (if you want the salty border you can also do it with sugar)
Blender or Stand mixer (but way easier with the blender)
One tablespoon of Cointreau

Combine the ice cubes, the Cointreau, and the tequila together – blend it until slush.
Add drops of lime and the sorbet (for two, around a cup or a bit more, is really feeling here). Blend again until it’s homogeny but really slushy.

If you want the salty border, just rub lemon/lime on the cup’s rim and add salt upside down with a plate

Serve it and garnish it. Enjoy with moderation 😉

If you do it, let us know!! See ya, B.

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