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I have been invited to get to know the atelier of a Swiss handbag and small leather goods brand called Noleti. I was always super curious to see a purse in the making so I couldn’t say no. I was so surprised with the history and all the process of the production of a bag. So many details and work beyond it that I can understand and respect the product. So I will resume you why I am glad to discover it.

Noleti is based in the canton of Neuchatel. The first generation of this brand started to work with leather in 1946. Since then, they haven’t stopped. Nowadays Noleti has an online store where you can buy and check their latest collections.

All the process of a bag starts by the animal and its skin. All the leather used is from livestock farming where there is a strong control about the life and reproduction of animals. There is a big respect philosophy on it. It is also good to know the origin of things we buy and how is the production. In those farming everything of the animal is used: skin, meat, eggs etc., and some of them, while they are still young, are set free so there is a balance in the nature too. I was amazed by all this details.

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Next step is the variety of colors and types of prime material we can find in their stock; it is great to see so many different kinds of leather, to feel them, their textures and details. It has alligator, ostrich, rabbit, cow, lamb, python and streak (yes, this big fish)! All that comes in many different colors and textures and qualities. It is beautiful to see it.

So, the Noleti team designs all the models and they are able to do your dream bag too, if you want and have a design in mind and the budget for that. That means you can ask for personalized bag or accessory made with leather and Swiss handcraft quality.

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I got a lovely leather case and a wonderful bag from them (thank you <3). It is so beautiful and timeless fashion product with such good leather and so many details, the finishing is perfect. We just need to have a look to see this bag is to use for decades and it will be still looking good. In September, they will present their new collection. I am excited to see it because I already saw some prototypes in their atelier, and it is looking good guys! Another details is that the purse models are names over Swiss cities, such a nice idea!

Miranda absolutely approved! And we have a SURPRISE for you who are interest to purchase one of those precious bags you can have them with 40% discount!! Yes, that’s it 40%!! Just use our code “ whatwouldmirandasay/7/noleti” before checkout! – (Valid for purchases until the end of June 2017).

Let us know if you buy one! XX Julli

Many thanks to Noleti team and their wonderful welcoming!

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