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Although spring is letting us down here in Switzerland with 3 different seasons in one day and showers for a week, we are firm believers of summer! And that’s what’s this is about, let’s pimp up some clothes for summer.

I decided to cut this post in two, with different ideas in order to be clearer, so this is part one, “the slightly destroyed t-shirt”. Destroyed tees are totally trendy right now together with jeans and sweats, but I got to say that I refuse to buy a destroyed t-shirt or sweater. Why? Because come on, we can do it at home, reuse and give new life to an old piece, and so one… Other than that, I don’t think this will last a long time, and I don’t feel like investing on it so I’d rather enjoy the low coast version.

So, I had this “I love NY” tee that I manage to stain in a carnival party. So I decided it was the perfect one to give a slightly destroyed look because I didn’t want it super destroyed. All I used was some ink for fabric (blue and red) and some scissors… I splashed some colors randomly and let it sit for 24 hours. Then, I washed it and once dry, I made some cuts here and there, and it was done. What is nice about it is that it is going to get older and more destroyed with time and washing and I personally love to have what I call ” lived pieces”.


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For this look, I paired with some light washed jeans, metallic sneakers and this oversized hood from this Italian brand I looove called FRAV from Torino. They have amazing quality clothes, with reasonable prices, and I just can’t resist whenever I’m there, but it’s worth it!

Next time you’ll see a jacket I pimp up for a friend. Hope it inspires you to give new life to your clothes. If so, let me know!

See ya, B.

T-shirt: Personal Archive

Jeans: Pull & Bear

Sneakers: Adidas (similar here and here)

Hood: FRAV

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