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Being different and original is a quest or a lifestyle for a lot of people… If you are a blogger, for example, you kind have the interest to try your best to be different but most of all to be yourself. It is a trick exercise, especially, if like me, you love trends. I’m always looking for trends and reading and being inspired by sites and fellow bloggers that I admire the style… In the middle of all these trends, you have to find yourself. I never wanted to be like everybody, in this blog world this is sometimes difficult because you very often receive the same products or feel the urge to buy a trendy piece and it’s up to you to interpret them your way in order to be you but also to be relevant.

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Having said all that, we don’t really think about it when we are getting dressed. When I put an outfit together I just want to express myself, my mood and to cause a reaction, it’s not possible to please everyone so let’s please us!

Mixing prints is trendy but it was always something I loved. I love those bold people with prints from head to toe, and their ability to make it work and to walk the streets like a moving art. However, I’m very much aware of my body and I’m not the tallest or skinniest and I don’t think it’s a major problem, you just have to find your comfort zone and a way to do it and feel comfort on it.

Mixing prints for me is an easy way to be different, bold and current. A way to take that shirt that everybody has, and turn it into a unique piece!

My tip if you are beginning on it, is also a classic one… When mixing prints you have to find a theme and/or a color that will offer this idea of unity. My second tip for starters is to try to mix stripes with another print. It is easy, works wonder and probably you have it in your wardrobe. And finally, you may try to start smaller, with accessories for instance. 

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After I graduated from it, I moved to bolder combinations, like many stripes in different directions or even different tropical prints… Or animal print and tropical (very rock for me!). So, try it, be bold, be different. Even if it’s not trendy I will still be doing it, because this is fashion for me, to play and to give life to your vision. My challenge now will be to use printed trousers considering my large hips I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m getting there!

Let me know if you try. See ya, B.

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Shirt – Zara (out of stock but similar here)

T-shirt – H&M (similar here)

Backpack – Rains (here)

Jeans – Pull & Bear

Belt – Topman

Sneakers – Nike

Sunnies – Rayban

That’s all

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wwms mixing prints men 6

wwms mixing prints men 15wwms mixing prints men 4

wwms mixing prints men 12


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