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Sephora finally arrived in Lausanne (ground floor of Lausanne’s Manor) for our bliss and it’s Lipstick stain & tint became one of my favorites already, and it’s always on my carry on!

I love beauty and makeup products but I do not allow myself to buy everything I want because I don’t like to waste things in general so, sometimes it takes me a while to test something new because I’m still using something else. Honestly, I fell bad in wasting anything: products, food, clothes and so on… But then, I received this nice Sephora kit recently and I was really excited and grateful to add them to my beauty kit!

wwwms Sephora Products

Their liquid lipstick (lip stain) is out this world, it is super liquid and when it dries out it becomes matte and it has an almost all day long endurance is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L. I LOVE IT! What I love the most on about it is the fact that it does not melt in and around your mouth and it gives good effects if you mix it with a glitter lipstick (my tip!).

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Then, I also tested this coconut cleansing cream. It let the skin so soft removing quite well all the makeup at once, so super practical when you get home tired. It smells so sweet but not strong like some others coconut’s products which it is good for people who do not enjoy sweet smells (like me, for example). I’m sure you will love it too! If you test them let me know!

Xx, Julli.

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