Sara Quan AKA Fashion Boho or AKA “train life girl” is one inspiring blogger! She’s about to move to New York where she will work at The Row for six months and live the dream! Online since 2011, Sarah has an amazing style that mixes street and the bohemian vibe with boldness. If like us you follow her on Instagram, you probably feel like you know her for a long time. That’s because Sarah is always sharing her moves through videos where her bubbly personality shines. Miranda had the chance to ask her 9 questions and it’s no surprise we are under her charms. Be inspired to follow on dreams with our guest!

Photos:  Personal archive Sarah Quan©

  1. What is fashion for you and how/why did you start in this field?

I started a long time ago back in 2011 in my last year of High School. I was searching for inspirational looks and used to go check what was new in stores (every day that employees would start recognizing me and talking to me – super awkward right?) in order to spot trends and novelties. I started by taking photographs with friends and then created the blog, first on Blogspot, to share my style. I remember my two blogger models at the time were (still) Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast and the Parisian Betty from LeblogdeBetty.

  1. What are your daily essentials that you carry in your everyday bag, can you show us and tell a bit about them?

As I am always traveling I transport my laptop everywhere, including external iPhone chargers. I bring my bottle of water Memobottle that fits perfectly my bags. Having makeup on me is essential, I do makeup or touch-up on my way to my events or meetings. Headphones are also crucial to my nomad lifestyle.

What's in my Bag?

  1. You are super active on your Instagram Stories (we love it btw!), what does it represent for you, and what is your motivation? Aren’t you thinking about trying a YouTube channel?

Yes, I am indeed. I like the spontaneity and the limit of it (timewise). I think I can show my personality even better and share stories by taking with me my followers to the events I’m attending. Youtube is comiiiiing soon! 🙂

  1. What are your key pieces? And what are your tips for buying well on a budget?

I’m of course a Zara addict but I LOVE thrifts shops. I was telling Emmanuel Coissy from Friday magazine a week ago that I have never bought a brand new bag even I fancy so many. I try to go as possible as I can to second-hand stores. I like to search for something different, something special, something that has “lived” before. Otherwise, sales from boutiques such as Sandro and Maje are the best, really. I usually wait for the latest sales and I always find amazing pieces for less than a fourth of the price. But I think it’s important to allow herself/himself sometimes some crazier shopping session.



  1. What were the most important achievements of your blogger/influencer life? And what advice you give to those who will embark on this adventure?

I think that creating a network which is mixed with friendship and professionalism. I became polyvalent, took the courage to go by myself to events in both French – and German-speaking part of Switzerland when I’d know nobody. And of course, the travel experiences as well as the chances to discover so much and to be able to share with my community. It is a lot of work and time to invest so I would say: do it for the passion and not for the invitations. Also be ready to meet incredible people and stories!

  1. Your favorite social network and why? And what are the blogs and sites that inspire you?

Instagram! I am a visual person, pictures speak for themselves and therefore I love Instagram. Also, it’s unbelievable how contact has never been that easy and how a social platform can break every boundary. Naturally, Pinterest is also very visual but it has not the same use.

Rumi Neely is still my favorite influencer also with her e-commerce, AREYOUAMI, sober clean and artistic. I love Margaret Zhang‘s blog, Shin by Three, where she shares her style but also her photography. Next, to these, I love architectural digest’s website.



7. You are the “train life girl”! You are always going somewhere, how do you survive this amount of trips, what do you do in to pass time? Ahahaha I guess, I should be sponsored by SBB/CFF/FFS ^^. I first moved in St Gallen back in 2012 to study and since then I never stop traveling around Switzerland. I’ve always been very spontaneous and trains go with my lifestyle, I guess its part of me. Traveling by train allows me to go everywhere quickly and directly in the center of each city – without thinking of traffic jam or where to park. Also, I can focus my energy and time on my work. Plug my phone in and start working either for the blog, the uni or on other projects. If I don’t feel like doing anything I just watch a series. I am actually answering those questions right now on a train ride direction Basel.

8. You are going to work in New York (at The Row) for a while… It’s an amazing opportunity, what are your expectations and how will the blog follow this moment? I don’t know! I am not realizing it yet. It’s literally a dream becoming true. After high school, I left for New York in order to improve my English skills. There, I fell in love with the city and the unlimited energy. I hope that I would once enter the New Yorker Fashion Wolrd and THIS IS IT. I expect lots of work with incredible adventures. The blog will follow – hopefully through videos ;).



  1. How do you see your blogger/influencer life evolving?

Collaborations are changing, my schedule is getting tighter every day and I cannot do everything but my motivation is only growing. Also, readers seem to be more and more open and happy to share their personal stories with me and I love it!







Sarah’s Guide:

Sarah is always on the go, so she shared with Miranda her favorite places to hang out in Lausanne, Zurich, Luzern and Geneva!

Lausanne: favorite sushis place le Myo, for a delicious brunch I would go to Le Pointu and then have some drinks à L’Atelier.


Zürich: Babu’s coffee shop for a brunch and coffee, lunch at Maison blunt and drinks in Frau Gerolds Garten.

Luzern: definitely drinks in Alpineum (I am way too often there ^^), perfecto dinner at Casa Tologne and breakfast in Millefeuille.

Geneva: Birdie Coffee for coffee & breakfast, LaDurée for lunch & tea time, Korean dinner a la gare.


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