Would you buy a piece of clothing in the women’s part of the store? I think a lot of you would say NO. But then again, I’d ask you why not?

Fashion have changed a lot recently and one of the great improvements we had lately is this mix of clothing, patterns, and fitting that allowed the collections to be much more interchangeable.

So it’s normal to find a lot of pieces that would fit you perfectly, pieces that we can even tell if it’s men or women it’s just clothing! There are no boundaries when it comes to colours (pink for instance), skirts, cropped tops, leggings, capes and so on… The rule is to feel comfortable and to be yourself because what’s nice about fashion is to express yourself.

Not everybody will try everything, but if you wanna start, you could try little things like accessories. A lot of accessories like scarfs, beanies, socks, rings, bags and so on they are really easy to use and I gotta say we have much more options in the women’s section. Another way is big pieces like sweats and coats… Nowadays with the oversized trend and minimalist fits a larger size will probably work for you… So, why not?


I believe it’s easier for girls to shop in the men’s section, and very often I bump into some women using something I just saw in the store, so why can we do it? That’s right we can!

In this post, you can see some inspirational pictures and some recent purchases I had in the women’s department and how I styled some of them, some others I’m planning some DIY and stuff. But come on guys, feel free in 2017, fashion is fashion, you got to have fun with it!

If you want to know more about genderless fashion click here or here!


From left to right: Kenzo vs H&M scarf (women section), Tiger tote (no gender), Gap coat (women section), F.R.A.V sweat (no gender collection – displayed on both sections of the store), H&M Scarf (women section)















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